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July 11, 2009

The Holy Bible: King James Version.
The culmination of English translations of the Bible, the publication of the American Bible Society's King James Version features full-text .

- - Bible Gateway
Enter the Bible passage (e.g., John 3:16), keyword (e.g., Jesus, prophet, etc.) . New International Version - UK, New King James Version, New Life Version, New .

New King James Version (NKJV Bible) - Version Information ...
Enter the Bible passage (e.g., John 3:16), keyword (e.g., Jesus, prophet, etc.) or topic (e.g. . "Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright .

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Bible: King James Version
Feb 18, 1997 . Bible: King James Version . Browse the Bible: Select individual books. Citation Searches: Enter a Citation and retrieve the selected verses .

The Holy Bible - King James Version
Oct 27, 2009 . Bible Scripture · Interlinear + King James Version · Bible in Basic English · Union Version (GB) · Union Version (Big5) · Bible Study Tool .

King James Bible Online: Read the original 1611 and 1769 King James Version of the Bible. The King James Bible is also called the Authorized Version, as it .

King James Version of the Bible - Online Search
King James Version Bible online. . King James Version of the Bible. Find: Entire Bible Old Testament New Testament. Red letter. Verse numbers only .

25 Famous Bible Verses
Jan 31, 2009 . Jude 1:24 (KJV). -Great list of Bible verses Bob. Reply. fred July 14, 2011 at 9:33 pm. It is not Jude 1: 24, It is Jude 24. There is only one chapter .

The Holy Bible - King James Version: A searchable online version at ...
The Holy Bible - King James Version: a searchable online version. Browse by chapter, or quick jump to a verse.

King James Bible Version Online KJV Bible Study Tools
Study the King James Bible Version (KJV) online using our free bible search tools. The KJV Bible is the first version of Scripture authorized by the Protestant .

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Bible Scriptures by Subjects (KJV) Main Index
Study tool addresses many subjects with Scriptures.

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.: - Searchable Online King James Bible :. Biblical Proportions: A ...
Searchable Online King James Bible - Searchable online King James Bible . Open Any Passage by Chapter (verse optional - select passages with [start]-[end] , e.g. 2-16): . Searchable Online Bible presented using a modified version of Alex .

Scary Bible Quotes, KJV
On Punishing 'Immorality'. Leviticus 20:9. For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; .

Top Verses Bible
The easy way to find any Bible scripture - sorted to show the best verses first - every topic, chapter and book - NIV KJV AMP.

King James Bible Statistics
They were taught there were 31175 verses in the King James Bible and that's . One thing that is real ironic about all this is that the New King James Version has .

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Free Online Bible, Scripture Search, Bible Passage Lookup ...
New King James Version (NKJV Bible). Scripture Translations & Search New King James Version. Browse By Passage. Book, Chapters. Genesis, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .

List of Bible verses not included in modern translations - Wikipedia ...
This is a list of Bible verses in the New Testament that are present in the King James Version (KJV) but absent from most modern Bible translations completed .

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Passages Interactive Bible Exhibit : Home
His work has been featured throughout the media, including his lead role in forming the Passages Exhibition. He led the development and execution of the KJV .

Bible Verses About Prayer: 20 Important Scripture Quotes
Jun 12, 2011 . Check out these great scriptures and quotes. Resources. The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. The Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV) .

Blue Letter Bible - Search Tools
Verse Retrieval: A tool to retrieve verses from the KJV Bible, including choice of whether to view Strong's numbers or not; Multiple Verse Retrieval: A tool to .

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"Christmas Verses" King James Version - What Saith The Scripture?
"Christmas Verses" King James Version Unto us a Son is given. by The Holy Spirit This art print, "And Wise Men Came Bearing Gifts" by Tom duBois is provided .

BibleVerses - Online Bible Verses
The authorized King James Version of the Bible contains 31102 verses and you will find each and every one of these King James Version Bible verses online .

King James Version (KJV Bible) - Version Information ...
Enter the Bible passage (e.g., John 3:16), keyword (e.g., Jesus, prophet, etc.) . 21st Century King James Version, American Standard Version, Amplified Bible .

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  1. Read King James Version Online Bible
    All Online Bible presents the entire Bible, both old and new testaments, online in . You may display chapters and verses or search the King-James Online Bible .

  2. King James Bible Page: Information on Bible versions
    The King James Bible and other versions: why does it matter? Preachers and teachers across the world will gladly say that the Scriptures are inspired by God .

  3. New King James Version Bible - NKJV - Verses, Online Study Tools
    The NKJV was commissioned in 1975 by Thomas Nelson Publishers. One- hundred-and-thirty respected Bible scholars, church leaders, and lay Christians . - Daily Devotional
    You may choose an "All Scripture Daily Devotional" that is designed for morning and evening reading based on the King James Version of the Bible or you may .

  4. Scripture Memorization Program KJV Memory Verses - Christian ...
    Bible memory verses for older children and Dad and Mom in the Christian home.

    oremus Bible Browser
    Enter a bible reference: . New Revised Standard Version, Authorized Version ( the King James Version), Common . Or enter several passages, one per line: .

  5. Baby Bible verses to add to your scrapbook page.
    For each baby Bible verse, I have included four different scripture versions from the following translations... King James Version (KJV); New International Version .

    patience - King James Version - Bible Search
    Results 1 - 25 of 33 . Bible search for patience in King James Version (English) . that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. Romans .

    "KJV Only" advocates refuted!
    Jesus promised that "scripture cannot be broken" John 10:36 and Peter said, that the "imperishable ... word of the Lord abides forever" 1 Peter 1:23-25. Now KJV .

  6. Search The Authorized King James Version Bible
    KJV Bible with Greek and Hebrew Definitions · King James Version Bible Complete Word List · Matthew Henry Complete Bible Commentary · Bible Scriptures By .

    Bible commentary - study of each verse in context
    The King James Version is used because it is widely accepted and in the public domain. It is also a good translation although for some passages, other versions .

  7. The KJV-only Issue Page
    This site examines the belief that the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is . Virginity of Mary in Modern Versions; Luke 17:36 and Other 'Deleted' Verses .

    Restored Name KJV
    Since the Holy Name Bible is also based on the King James Version, it was decided to use a portion of its preface as an introduction to the Restored Name King .

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  9. Bible Passages
    Bible passages from both the New Testament and Old Testament affected the . These passages are from the Hebrew Scripture. Leviticus. King James Version .

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    Bible Verse Memorization
    Oct 27, 2009 . O-Bible · Bible Scripture · Interlinear · King James Version · Bible in Basic English · Union Version (GB) · Union Version (Big5) · Bible Study Tool .


    Bible concordance - all words in the King James Version
    All words in the Bible with links to the verses in which they occur in the King James Version. A marvellous source of information for linguists and Bible students.

  11. Vis-Ed Cards Bible Verses King James Version - Visual Education ...
    The Bible Verses King James flash card set features one Bible verse per card. Category of study with book/chapter/verse citation appear on card fronts with cited .

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King James Bible - Conservapedia
Nov 18, 2011 . Some mistakes in the translation of the King James Bible exist in very important passages. But the King James Version of the Bible was the .

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KJV Bible King James Version - Sermon Central
Online Bible, find free bible and scripture passages, scripture search and . Search Entire Bible . Scripture Translations & Search King James Version .

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Printable KJV Bible in Text and Word Formats
Download, format and print the King James Bible (1611 Authorized Version). "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, .

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Genesis 1 KJV - In the beginning God created the heaven - Bible ...
Enter the Bible passage (e.g., John 3:16), keyword (e.g., Jesus, prophet, etc.) . Christian Standard Bible, J.B. Phillips New Testament, King James Version .


Psalm 91 - God's Protection For You - Holy Bible - Christian ...
Aug 10, 2011 . Bible Verses For Faith During Stressful Timesby taraburner83271 views · Part 1 of 4 King James Version KJV Only Controversy / Debate: Is it .