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July 11, 2009


Nov 4, 2007 . Shot put technique comparison of the greatest GLIDERS ever...slow motion and still . Shot Put glide techniqueby chessboygw5324 views .

Shot Put Slow Motion Glide and Power - YouTube
Jun 15, 2009 . The Shot Put - The Glide 1:20. Watch Later Error The Shot Put - The Glideby agelessbeauty146004 views; shot put glide technique 1:42 .

Coaching the Glide Shot-Put Technique - YouTube
May 20, 2010 . Coaching the Glide Shot-Put Technique provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals involved in using the glide shot-put technique .

Shot Put Glide Technique
Nigel Agboh. There are two basic methods for throwing the shot put. The "spin" or "rotational" technique is the more complex method. The "glide" technique is .

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Shot Put Glide Technique - Training Article
Rob Lasorsa of M-F Athletic provides step-by-step instructions on the Glide Shot Put Technique.

Basic Technique for the Shot Put
Mar 15, 2012 . NTCA: discus, javelin, hammer, shotput . Basic Technique for the Shot Put . Hip Fall – Use this drill to teach the hip fall action in the glide .




The glide shot put has increasingly become somewhat of a technical relic. The USA, which was the birthplace of the. Glide technique, was for many years the .

Using An Effective Left Side: Glide or Rotational Throwing (Shot Put ...
Improve your rotational shot put and discus throwing technique by utilizing a . When completing a full throw, glide or spin, shot put or discus, it is important to .

Shot Put Techniques - glide and spin technique
Aug 3, 2010 . The glide technique is the basic shot put technique which is quite easy for beginners to learn. In this technique, the player has to place the shot .


expensive ass seasoned corn • View topic - Glide Shot Put technique question
The purpose of the glide is to provide maximum functional speed for the delivery. Most technical errors in shot putting stem from incorrectly .


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"Come to Glide Shot Put Practice" Track & Field Training Clip with ...
"Come to Glide Shot Put Practice" Track & Field Training Clip with Rob Lasorsa. 02:15 - 5 years ago. Step-by-step program is fantastic for beginner shot put .

Coaching the Glide Shot Put: Technique and Drill ... - Coaches Choice
This DVD covers information about the Glide Shot Put from technique to follow through to improve athlete performance.

Importance of the Left Foot in the Glide Shot Put | CoachTheThrows
Feb 3, 2012 . There is a lot of debate right now as to whether or not the glide shot put is a viable technique, or whether the rotational shot put is superior.


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Glide vs. Spin for the Shot Put: STACK Magazine - Exercises ...
Oct 1, 2006 . Spin for the Shot Put If you're a shot putter who uses a glide, you've . The glide is a simple, basic technique that is effective and easy to pick up .

Shot Put Spin Vs. Glide | LIVESTRONG.COM
Feb 9, 2012 . The glide and spin techniques are both means of moving across the shot put circle to get into the power position. No matter what movements .


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How do you teach the proper technique for the glide shot put ...
The first step in throwing the shot put is to remember that the legs, hips, and back do most of the work while the arm applies the finishing push that extends the .

Shot Put Glide Technique - Track and Field -
Shot Put Glide Technique. Keeping your left side firm, punch your arm upwards and complete the throw with a flip of your wrist and a strong follow through.

Shot Put Glide Technique - Track and Field -
Shot Put Glide Technique. Stand at the back of the circle, facing away from the direction of your throw. A right-handed thrower should place the right foot near the .


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shot put glide technique - YouTube
Nov 12, 2010 . Upgrade to the latest Flash Player for improved playback performance. Upgrade now or more info. 7479. Show video statistics. I like this Like .

Shot Put Techniques, glide and spin technique | Facebook
Rules and Regulations of Shot Put. The metal ball which is to be thrown in this game is known as 'shot'. Shots are available in different sizes and weights and .

Track & Field News Presents: Technique & Drills for the Glide Shot ...
with Jim Aikens, Fremd HS (IL) Head Boy's Track Coach. Coach Jim Aikens brings you the most complete guide imaginable for teaching and coaching the glide .

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  1. Shot put - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Glide. The origin of the glide dates to 1951, when Parry O'Brien of the United States invented a technique that involved the putter facing .

  2. Coaching the Glide Shot-Put Technique - Coaches Choice
    Coaching the Glide Shot-Put Technique provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals involved in using the glide shot-put technique. The DVD .

  3. Glide Shot Put Coaches Can Coach the Rotational Technique in the ...
    It seems as though every clinic I speak at I am asked: “Is it hard to teach the rotational technique to Shot Putters?” or “How do you determine which thrower you .

    Shot Put Tips - Track And Field Tips
    Some shot putters use the glide shot put technique and others use the rotational style. Is one better than the other? No. Currently, in professional and top level .

  4. Shot Put Glide Techniques | LIVESTRONG.COM
    Feb 9, 2012 . Shot Put Glide Techniques. There are two primary techniques when it comes to the shot put in a track and field competition. The spin technique .

    Digital Track and Field - Shot Put & Discus - Technique and Training ...
    Shot Put & Discus Technique and Training. . The glide style of shot putting has many outstanding technical throwers since the days of Parry O'Brien started .

  5. Shot Put Glide Technique - Track and Field -
    Holding the Shot. Shot Put Glide Technique. Nigel Agboh. Push the shot firmly against your neck, under the chin. Your thumb should be under the shot with your .

    Advanced Shot Put Technique DVD - Gill Athletics
    Learn about the long-short and short-long glide techniques, build your . Along with shot put specific instructions, Judge demonstrates a functional warm-up .

    Help with my Shot Put Glide technique!! - YouTube
    Oct 1, 2008 . Help me with my shot put technique! . shot put glide near 46'by thejuice152003 Featured Video2605 views. SHOT PUT Conditioning Part 1 .

  6. Model technique analysis sheet for the throwing events –
    This put is the basis of the technique model described in the analvsis sheet. . So the gliding phase – in the course of which the shot travels about 30 cm and is .

    WebQuest: Spin or Glide? That Is The Question: created with Zunal ...
    Jun 12, 2011 . Read and study the rules of the shot put from the link below. . through the throwing circle when using the glide technique in the shot put.

  7. 5-10 Shot Put
    The two most commonly used shot put techniques today are: 3.1. The linear . The shot put technique comprises of the following phases: •. Preparation. •. Glide .

    Shot Put and Discus Technique | Digital Track and Field
    glide shot put throw. Technique changes should always be a collaborative effort between the coach and athlete in all track and field training. Here is a link with .

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  9. 340-How-to-improve-my-shotput-throws | Shotput-Technique-and ...
    Throwing Event Technique and Training - Shotput Technique and Training - Throwing Events . -A lot of throwers try to prefect every little bit of the glide.

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    Shot Put in Track & Field Equipment
    Coaching the Glide Shot-Put Technique provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals involved in using the glide shot-put technique. The DVD .


    Spin Technique - Shot Put* - MaxPreps News
    Every technique in every event has advantages and disadvantages. . in the potential to accelerate the shot to greater velocity than when using the glide. . In other words, while learning or developing a spin technique for the shot put, it is .

  11. Quintic 4 Education Sports Video Analysis Software Education ...
    Two putting styles are in current general use by shot put competitors: the glide and the spin. Both athletes in this case study are using the glide technique.

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Shot put,shotput glide technique,Techniques,shot put shoes,rules,shot put glide, details,history,shot put training,drills,basics,dimensions,definition,Athletic gear, .

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Comparison of the Glide and the Rotation Technique in the Shot Put
Comparison of the Glide and the. Rotation Technique in the Shot Put. J. Stepanek. Laboratory of e1itc a,hlclics, Servicc ccntrc of the scicntific- mcthodological .

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Coaching High School Track & Field: Glide & Rotational Shot Put ...
Glide & rotational shot put technique included; Common shot put errors and corrections; 3-phase lifting model for strength development for shot putters .

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Critical Factors in the Shot Put
In the glide technique, this . factors for achieving elite level success in the shot put. . USATF's collaborative High Performance Plan (HPP) for the shot put.


A Novel Force Sensing System for Research on Shot-Put Techniques
scientists to make scientific researches on shot-put techniques. . two throwing techniques in shot put, i.e. the glide technique and the spin technique. The glide .