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July 11, 2009


Dialing - Welcome to the Sprint Customer Center
How do I make a long-distance call within the US? . Simply dial the International Access Number (will open in new window) for the country in which you're traveling and wait . Within the US, dial 011 + country code + city code + local number.

Global Services Dial Guide5.qx - Sprint
Long-Distance. Access Code. 816. Area. Code. XXX-XXXX. Local. Number. +. +. 1. Long- . updated access numbers or contact a Sprint Operator. American .

Sprint F–ONCARDSM Dialing Guide Getting Started
Dial the Sprint access number for the country you are . Dial + country code + city code + local number . For long-distance calling from your hotel room, ask the .

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Plans & Rates - Welcome to the Sprint Customer Center
What are the additional taxes and fees applied to my long distance bill? . rates may be higher because long-distance companies must pay the local phone . ( Limited access numbers are listed on the back of your Sprint Prepaid PhoneCard .

10 Digit Local Number - Sprint Relay
Friends and family just got a little closer with your own Sprint Relay Call Now Number (10 digit local number). Ten Digit Numbers Fast access to a Relay operator .




Long distance FAQ - Frequently asked questions about long ...
Do I have to call my local phone company to switch my long distance service? . How can some Long Distance companies charge less than AT&T, Sprint, . access numbers to place a telephone call with any of these long distance companies?

| | | Hacker's Toolbox | | | | by Cyborg | | | | | Hacking ------- Hacking ...
The process of attempting to obtain illegal access codes to long distance services . . Sometimes a LOCAL carrier number will get through a lot faster than a long . of thumb for estimating code length: Service Length ------- ------ Mci 5 Sprint 8 .

Access codes for ATT, MCI, SPRINT long distance carriers.
6.2 ACCESS CODES FOR ATT, MCI, SPRINT LONG DISTANCE CARRIERS. ==If you call "local long distance" (areas close by but still long distance) you may .


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Texas Phone Card, Long Distance Call Texas, Local Access Numbers
Great! the following phone cards may have local access numbers in your area. . than ATT, MCI, Sprint, IDT and other international long distance providers.


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Using the phone in Mexico
In late 1998 and early 1999, many of the access codes needed to use public and private . To dial a local number simply insert your Ladatel smart card and dial the local . Sprint is a major long-distance partner of TelMex and carries SWB's .

Dialing Guide
Feb 13, 2004 . For long-distance calling fromyourhotel room, ask the hotel . 0 + area code + local number OR . the Sprint access number for the country .

NCS | Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)
The normal access mode is through your pre-subscribed long distance carrier by . Business, or 1010333 for Sprint, followed by the universal access number. . is an important method of avoiding outages or congestion in the local carriers.


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Crystall Call - Features & Benefits
You can save by using bulk or unlimited weekend and night long distance free . In this case, a phone call to any of our local access numbers in any of the states .

Telecommunications Glossary Long Distance Phone Service ...
Discount U.S. & International Long Distance Calling Plans . A form of local access where the provider is not the LEC, but is authorized or permitted to . ANI provides the originating local telephone number of the calling party. . (Class 4 Toll) offices and may connect directly to IECs like WorldCom, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.


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FAQs - KallCent$ Low Cost International and Domestic Long ...
Can I dial this local access number from any phone in my house? . phone service provider and you don't even need to change your long distance company. 2. . KallCent$ works with many cell phone providers and with Sprint PCS phones.

Features - APNACOM :: Connect Globally
You can save by using bulk or unlimited weekend and night long distance free . In this case, a phone call to any of our local access numbers in any of the states .

Sprint Relay
Get fast access to a Relay operator when using Sprint Relay services. . Q. How does a hearing person call the local 10-digit number of a deaf or hard of . Q. Will hearing people pay long-distance charges for calling my Call Now number?


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Telecommunications Glossary
A telecommunications glossary to help you understand your long distance bill. . This can be a 10-10XXX, toll free access number or a calling card. Federal . Appears on both your local and long distance phone bills. . Ex. AT&T, MCI, Sprint.

Global Connection - FAQ
Global Connection provides service through several local phone companies, . Embarq (formerly Sprint), Windstream (formerly Alltel), Qwest and Frontier. . Dial the LOCAL long distance access number that we have provided for your area .

PWN17.3 Cracker are Cheating Bell - .:: Phrack Magazine ::.
Jul 4, 1988. dial the local access telephone number of one of the alternative long-distance firms, such as MCI and U.S. Sprint. When the phone answers, .

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  1. TELECOM Digest Sat, 7 Jan 2006 02:15:00 EST Volume 25 : Issue 9 ...
    Jan 7, 2006 . (Anthony Bellanga) Long Distance Dialarounds (Anthony Bellanga) Date: Fri . group 'B' dial-up access number was 950-0777, the '777' for 'SPR', and . The Sprint Local Telco areas of southern, central, and also scattered in .

  2. Phreaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    These included the then-fledgling Sprint and MCI, both of whom had only recently . small long distance operations would be required to dial a local access number, . The modems would dial the long distance access number, enter a random .

  3. Colorado Phone Card, Long Distance Call Colorado, Local Access ...
    Great! the following phone cards may have local access numbers in your area. . than ATT, MCI, Sprint, IDT and other international long distance providers.

    Free Long Distance Calls for US and Canada - Yahoo! Voices ...
    Sep 10, 2008 . Use this new service to make free long distance calls. . you simply dial your RingBranch local access number and enter in your PIN number and . and enter in your ID info to make a call using the services of Sprint, MCI, etc.

  4. DialAround Primer
    In other words, we can "dialaround" our primary long distance carrier. By dialing a "dialaround" access code before entering the normal 1+AreaCode+Number, you effectively tell your local switchboard to route that call through . major long distance carriers like MCI, AT&T or Sprint and use them for all long distance calls.

    Long Distance Telephone Calls
    Dec 31, 2003 . Most Popular Long Distance Companies (based on references in Web pages) . Sprint, 19, $15.48, 5˘, 10˘, $9.45, Sprint . Instead of Area Codes determining what was a Long Distance call, a new geographic area called a Local Access . You can use a Calling Card with an 1-800 access number or a 101 .

  5. Communications | Shanghai Travel Tips | Fodor's Travel Guides
    You can make local and long-distance calls from your hotel or any public phone . the local access codes from China: 11 for AT&T, 12 for MCI, and 13 for Sprint.

    Subpoena Compliance
    Sprint Long Distance. Sprint . Sprint Local Service Western Operations… . long-distance provider's access code (or "10-10" number) before dialing a long- .

    Cheap Global Calls-10 10 numbers-Prepaid calling cards
    Our goal is to educate the public about another experienced long distance phone . with a new carrier and we have gotten you Local Access Numbers In Canada. . Cheap Global Calls gives it's customers an alternative to AT&T, Sprint, .

  6. Telephone Instructions
    But if you have a magicJack number, a call to you is a local call if made from your home . It is suggested that you consider taping the call with your long distance . Using AT&T's “USA Direct” service, or Sprint's comparable service, you dial a . You dial a free 0800 access number, then the PIN of the prepaid calling card, .

    Directory Assistance
    up local and long distance numbers via the Internet, . 10-10 numbers to access . Matrix. MCI. Sprint. Local. (411). Long distance. Directory charge. 555-1212 .

  7. 10-10-001 to 10-10-133 - Free Long Distance Phone Rates ...
    These 10 10 long distance numbers are best known as a way to dial around a 1+ . 10-10-012 JJJ Qwest Communications 10-10-013 GMS Access Services dba . Long Distance dba Cherry Communications Inc. 10-10-018 SNK Sprint Local .

    Local Access - Raza Calling Cards
    Local Access Numbers . Get International Access Numbers: . Raza Communications will not reimburse you for any long distance phone charges incurred.

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  9. McManus Table of Contents
    Other Carriers' Calling-Card System Access Numbers . . You may receive information from Sprint or SBC about operator charges, rates, or billing . Network. If the problem is making local or long-distance calls with your PBN, the problem .

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    Casual Access Long Distance - Call TOLL FREE
    Casual access to long distance network. . 1010333 + 1 + area code + phone number - Sprint. CAUTION - do NOT . Local Number Access Dialing. This type of .


    Slow Travel - Calling from Europe, how to pay, phone cards, calling ...
    Use your long distance company's access number and have calls billed to your home . Long distance companies like Sprint, MCI and AT&T change their plans . The back of the card gives you local numbers to dial from several Italian cities, .

  11. Travel Calling Card | The Most Convenient Calling Card To Make ...
    Or, if outside of Paris use the France Toll Free access number. . The non-toll free or 'local' numbers offer the cheapest rates. . The Virtual Card works the same as the cards of AT&T, MCI or Sprint, except the rates are up to 85% lower than those cards and . You no longer need to pay exorbitant hotel long distance rates.

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International Calls | IndependentTraveler.com
These services provide U.S. international long-distance rates in countries outside the . In the United States, you dial a local access number or a toll-free 800 number, . Sprint · Verizon Prepaid Phone Cards< Prepaid cards allow you to buy up .

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Call Canada long distance
Call Canada, our long distance permanent service to Canada offer clean low rates . cellular, office and home phone without entering a PIN or long account number. . 473 Free Minutes to call Canada on Sign Up! Canada rate 1.9˘ with local access all over USA and Canada; Canada & US cell . Tel3, IDT, ATT, SPRINT .

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VOIP - Internet Phone Service
If you want a local phone number and voice mail, there's a charge of about $40 per . Apple Unveils Next Generation iPhone iPhone 4S to be available on Sprint for . Phone Charges Many consumers hit with incorrect Internet access charges . Free Long Distance Service; It Sounds Good but There's a Catch Make sure .

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Communications | Your Guide to Baja California Vacations | Moon ...
You can make local calls from public phones in most towns for just a few pesos. . To dial long-distance within Mexico, use 01 before the area code. . you can dial access numbers to reach operators from AT&T, MCI, or Sprint for calling-card .


Windows XP DLL File Information - tapiui.dll
To create a rule, select the Long Distance, International, or Local Calls tab. 67, Your long distance rule requires your calling card's long distance access number. . 15810, 9,"US Sprint Direct Dial via 10103331","","G","J1FG","J011EFG","","" .