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July 11, 2009


Alcohol fuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Propanol and butanol are considerably less toxic and less . of the Weizmann organism with a butanol resistance higher .

Alternative Fuel Solution: Bioalcohol
The advantages of using Propanol and Butanol as alternative fuel sources is they can be transferred via existing gas lines and have a better gallon-for-gallon .

Low Temperature Direct 2-Propanol Fuel Cells—[Electrochemical ...
Although the performance increases with cell temperature, the cell can deliver 690 . These features could make 2-propanol an attractive fuel for portable power .

Liquid-feed direct oxidation fuel cells using neat 2-propanol as fuel
Neat 2-propanol was used as the fuel in liquid-feed direct oxidation fuel cells. The fuel that was intentionally not mixed with any amount of water was oxidized .

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Performance of 2-propanol in direct-oxidation fuel cells
Therefore, a direct 2-propanol fuel cell can have much higher fuel and fuel cell efficiencies. One problem associated with using 2-propanol as fuel is the anode .

A direct 2-propanol polymer electrolyte fuel cell 10.1016/S0378 ...
Oct 1, 2003 . The cell was operated at 90 °C with aqueous 2-propanol as fuel and with oxygen as oxidant. The performance of the cell operating on .




A liquid electrolyte alkaline direct 2-propanol fuel cell - Elsevier
Prototype alkaline direct 2-propanol fuel cells (AD2PFCs) using commercial Pt/C electrodes and hardware, and a liquid electrolyte, were constructed and .

Analysis of 2-Propanol Electrochemical Oxidation Mechanism on ...
Besides use of the liquid fuel is profitable in terms of en- ergy density per its . trochemical oxidation of 2-propanol on anode was inves- tigated in this study. 2.

Mixtures of methanol and 2-propanol as a potential fuel for direct ...
thanol,7 ethanol7,14 and 1-propanol.10 Also, several researchers conducted paral- lel studies on direct alcohol fuel cells with 2-propanol as the fuel (DPFC) .


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Studies on PEM Fuel Cells Using Various Alcohols for Low Power ...
and butanol with respect to methanol as fuels in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). 2-. Propanol emerges the prospective fuel candidate as the .


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Performance analysis for direct 2-propanol fuel-cell based on Pt ...
open circuit potential and crossover current increase with alcohol concentration in direct methanol fuel cell. (Table 1). On the other hand, in direct 2-propanol fuel .

Electrochemical oxidation of 1-methoxy-2-propanol in direct liquid ...
The crossover current density of 1.0 M 1-methoxy-2-propanol through a . 60 °C. One problem with using 1-methoxy-2-propanol as a fuel was that the cell anode .

Studies of n-propanol, iso-propanol, and propane flames (Peter ...
Finally, the relative sooting propensities of ?ames of these three fuels were . Barnard [14] proposed also that for isopropanol, chain initiation starts with the .


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Burning of Alcohols Experiment :: Papers
I will be using five fuels: methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol and hexane. These five fuels are members of the alcohol family. The alcohol molecules have a .

Transient infrared temperature measurements of liquid-fuel surfaces ...
An IR camera was placed over the liquid, allowing us to observe the fuel surface through propanol vapor. To use this technique, one must know the emissivity of .


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Bergens Research Group: Fuel Cells
Central to this project is the use of methanol, ethanol, and secondary alcohols such as 2-propanol as fuels. Methanol is readily available and has promising .

Rechargeable PEM Fuel Cells using Organic Hydrogen Reservoirs ...
Rechargeable PEM Fuel Cells using Organic Hydrogen. Reservoirs(OHR). Electric Power Generation by. Electrooxidation of Cyclohexane or 2-Propanol and .

Pd/C promoted by Au for 2-propanol ... - ScienceDirect
The fuel cells using 2-propanol fuel show much higher performance than direct methanol fuel cells and a much lower crossover current [6] and [7].


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Liquid-feed direct oxidation fuel cells using neat 2-propanol as fuel
May 25, 2003 . Neat 2-propanol was used as the fuel in liquid-feed direct oxidation fuel cells. The fuel that was intentionally not mixed with any amount of water .

Alternatives To Fossil Fuels
Alternatives to fossil fuels exist, which can reduce the dependency of the . It is often used in a blended form along with the normal diesel. . Ethanol, Butanol, Methanol and Propanol are the alcohols of interest which can be used as fuels.

Proposal and Fundamental Analysis of Thermally Regenerative Fuel ...
1 shows the concept for a thermally regenerative fuel cell using 2-propanol dehydrogenation and acetone hydrogenation. Acetone and hydrogen are supplied to .

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  1. Dehydratase Mediated 1-Propanol Production in Metabolically ...
    Nov 10, 2011 . Recently, the use of 1-propanol as a potential fuel substitute to petroleum has promoted the interest in its production via biological approaches.

  2. Influences of pressure on reduced-gravity combustion of 1-propanol ...
    conditions (for brevity, 1-propanol is denoted as propanol in the present paper). There has been long-term interest in using alco- hols as alternative fuels, both to .

  3. Ethanol and other Bioalchohols
    There are four basic bioalcohols: butanol, ethanol, methanol and propanol. . Therefore, it is illegal to use fuels containing alcohol in aircraft (although at least .

    propanol - definition and meaning
    “Propane should instead be made into propanol, which can be a liquid at normal temperature and pressure, and can be used in the same fuel tank with .

  4. Fuels - Home Made Alcohol Stoves
    Here is a list of fuels NOT TO USE IN ALCOHOL STOVES: 1. Beer, vodka . HEET in a red bottle is "isoHEET" (made from isopropanol) and is not methanol. 2 .

    An investigation into the electro-oxidation of ethanol and 2-propanol ...
    Mar 1, 2005 . sizes the fact that 2-propanol is a promising fuel candidate for a direct alcohol fuel cell. . using s- and p-polarized light allowed distinguishing .

  5. Direct PEM fuel cell using “organic chemical hydrides” with zero ...
    High performances of the PEM fuel cell were achieved by using cyclohexane ( OCV = 920 mV, PDmax = 15 mW cm?2) and 2-propanol (OCV = 790 mV, PDmax .

    Volume 53 Issue 2 Performance of Liquid Fuels in a Platinum ...
    As shown in Figure 3, for most fuels the crossover through the Nafion® 115 membrane at 25°C over 60 minutes is linear, but for 1-propanol and ethylene glycol .

    Experimental and Detailed Kinetic Modeling Study of the Oxidation ...
    Apr 26, 2011 . Crystal Growth & Design, Energy Fuels, Environ. . The oxidation of 1-propanol under these conditions was modeled using a detailed chemical .

  6. Effects of carbon nanotubes on flame spread rate over 1-propanol
    For both experiments, 1-propanol was used as the base fuel because it was widely used in flame spread studies [6,16,17]. 1-propanol was loaded with various .

    How to Pump Water Out of the Gas Tank |
    Fill the gas tank half way with 10 gallons of high quality fuel, and add 2 cups of isopropanol to remove any remaining water during the combustion of the fuel.

  7. Propanol - Undergraduate Research Program
    fuels, where 1-propanol is mixed with other fuels to decrease consumption of fossil fuels.3. Figure 2. 1-Propanol. The use of partially fluorinated alcohols (PFAs ) .

    Combustion of Propanol Droplets in Reduced Gravity
    It is also noted that combustion behaviors of propanol are of interest by themselves. There has been a continuing interest in using alcohols as alternative fuels, .

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  9. Use of MRI to Observe the Water Distribution in PEM Fuel Cells ...
    Towards Rechargeable 2-Propanol Fuel Cells. Kirk W. Feindel . and it may require inefficient use of fuel or oxidant to flush out, reducing overall efficiency.

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    Burning Fuels Investigation :: Papers
    energy/fuel is used to raise 100cmcubed of water to 20 degrees centigrade. I will be using 5 different fuels; Butanol, Pentanol, Propanol, Methanol and Ethanol.


    Performance of 2-propanol in direct-oxidation fuel cells
    Oct 24, 2002 . A direct-oxidation fuel cell using 2-propanol as fuel has been evaluated. The cell performance, open circuit voltage (OCV), and alcohol .

  11. Comparing the effects of various fuel alcohols on the natural ...
    The effects of five fuel alcohols (methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, iso-butanol and n -butanol) on the natural attenuation of benzene were compared using a .

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Vaporization Characteristics of 1-propanol Droplets at High ...
important particularly due to the fact that the use of this oxygenated propanol fuel can potentially increased the levels of emissions such as formaldehyde and .

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Reaction Mechanism of 2-Propanol Dehydrogenation with a Carbon ...
direct 2-propanol fuel cells (D2PFCs) using Ru–Pt and Pt blacks as the anode and cathode, respectively, and reported that D2PFCs exhibit a higher cell voltage .

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Preparation of coal slurry with 2-propanol
of coal–2-propanol slurries were examined and compared with that of coal–water slurry (CWS). . The use of coal–water slurry (CWS) as a fuel is regarded .

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Fuel blended with alcohol for diesel engine - Kabushiki Kaisha ...
Apr 9, 1985 . A fuel blended with alcohol for use in a diesel engine, which . additional incorporation therein of 5 to 10% of another alcohol like propanol as a .


Calorimetric Determination of Energy Content of Alcohol fuels and ...
methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol, and pentanol gave 6.3MJ/Kg, 10.64MJ/Kg, 15.27MJ/Kg, . alcohols are very good fuels with very high octane ratings. [1].